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About Michelle Beltran

Intuition Development

Michelle Beltran is a psychic medium, author and life coach based in Northern California. She has worked and thrived in a number of capacities throughout her career before landing in her current role. 

After graduating from college, she started her career working in law enforcement in the Air Force. This job required her to handle sensitive and stressful situations and deal with human and social problems that gave her insight into understanding different people, their personalities and issues. 

Following her time in the Air Force, Michelle Beltran took a career as a probation officer. This position provided her with the opportunity to help those who genuinely needed purpose and inspiration to transform their lives. As a probation officer, she was responsible for implementing the department’s first-ever K9 Narcotic Drug Detection Program, one of only five assigned to a probation department in California. This allowed her to form a powerful connection with her canine partner, Kilo.

While still working as a probation officer, she was training for a run. At the race, she connected with a triathlon coach who encouraged her to train for a triathlon. In her training, she discovered cycling and fell in love. In a short period of time, she rose through the ranks and began racing competitively. She decided to retire from her position as a probation officer to continue cycling. She continued to race professionally for many years until a number of difficult life situations happened forcing her to reevaluate what she was doing and go through an internal growth phase. Michelle Beltran decided to attend Chico Psychic Institute and Reno Psychic Institute, where she immediately found success. Her teacher approached her and recognized her talent, inspiring her to launch her own business, which she has been doing since. 

Michelle has known about her psychic gifts from a young age. She has always had a deep curiosity and fascination with the mind, how it works and psychic functioning. Her mother, also a psychic, was also a significant influence supporting her to develop her intuition.

The aspect of her career that Michelle loves the most is the immense change and personal growth she witnesses in her clients over time. She is deeply moved by their passion to thrive and live the life that honors their soul. She is, every day, in appreciation and gratitude of her clients. Their growth helps Michelle Beltran continue to grow as well, becoming the best version of herself as well.

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