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Making a decision, depending on what it is, can be challenging as is. In some cases, people often overthink the choice they should make. A person’s intuition is their ability to get information about a situation without any conscious thought. Intuition is also commonly known as a person’s gut feeling. This feeling doesn’t have to seem logical or rational at first. In fact, it doesn’t utilize the same linear thinking that regular decision-making does. Thus, it can be hard trying to decipher when logical is needed and when one should rely on that “little voice” inside telling them otherwise.

Some people can relate to ignoring that gut feeling and making a decision from a rational process only to feel regret for making that choice. That’s when the words, “I should have” are typically uttered. And, by that point, the decision is already made. Luckily, it’s possible for people to make better decisions by utilizing their intuition. To utilize one’s intuition, they should:

Heart vs Head
Making a decision with the head is not greater than making a decision using the heart and vice versa. It’s about a balance between the two. There are times when logic is needed and there are moments when one’s heart is telling them something that the head is not aware of. For example, one’s intuition may be telling them to take a different commute to work. However, their reasoning is telling them that there isn’t anything wrong with the route they always take.

Because the rational mind tends to think linearly, it doesn’t account for the possibility of a totally different outcome. The reasoning may later come that that route had a lot of traffic which would have made that person late to work. This is just one example of how logic vs intuition operates. With experience, one will eventually be able to discern between the two and know when to employ each.

Follow Your Hunches
A person should follow their hunches and their gut feelings. If they get a feeling that they shouldn’t go to a particular restaurant on a specific night, they should heed this hunch. The rational mind might be trying to find rational reasoning for the hunch which it will likely not find as a hunch is instinctive and without conscious reasoning.