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If you’ve never practiced anything resembling spiritual exercise, astral projection may sound like the realm of fantasy. But if you’ve ever had an out of body experience in a dream, you may have tapped into that ability without even knowing it. Some practitioners believe that all humans project their astral forms when they sleep. The difference comes down to whether or not you can remember those astral experiences. Awareness brings with it the ability to directly guide an astral projection, and anyone can acquire awareness.

Fortunately, when asking oneself how to communicate with our inner qualities, there’s almost always a tenable solution in meditation. And as with all things associated with our mental or spiritual health, your holistic health is especially important. If you find the time to eat healthier, exercise, manage your mental health, sleep well, and communicate with any partners reasonably, you’ll find better results. The best way to get in touch with your astral self is to treat yourself well.

Meditation requires nothing more than a quiet room, and whatever meditation equipment you might typically use. These could include pillows, cushions, white noise machines, or speakers. As long as it helps you achieve a more peaceful state, it’s worth having. From either a sitting or standing position, you’ll want to begin taking deep breaths. Inhale deeply from your nose, and exhale. Do this a few times. Your goal is to steady your nerves and become more aware of your body.

Continue deep breathing as you make an effort to feel the weight of your body: not just as a whole but in its component parts. Consider, for instance, the capillaries that run from your heart to the rest of your body like the roots of a tree. Consider the complexity and skill of your fingers, built as messengers for the brain. Your goal is to gather together all the weight of the physical body so you can get a perspective from above and identify the body outside those mental weights. Flex each muscle group gently and then release it. You can let them rest one by one.

It’s a process that takes time, but it’s also a process worth pursuing. Early exploration into astral projection is essentially a crash course in mindfulness, but the theory branches out in several different directions for those who have sufficiently developed their skills. In either case, it encourages self-awareness even for those who might decide they aren’t interested in exploring the astral landscape. For those that are interested, some who practice astral projection swear that it produces dramatic results.