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Talk Down Sleep Meditation Manifesting Your Soul Calling and Deepest Intentions

January 4, 2021

Talk Down Sleep Meditation Manifesting Your Soul Calling & Deepest Intentions, is a profound transformative guided meditation in which Michelle journey’s with you to call in and give birth to your highest intentions and deep-seated dreams and goals. Profound inner shift and changes will take place. This meditation holds the power to help you change your life, find answers to your life calling, and establish new beliefs about who you really are.

This guided mediation includes binaural beats music which combines both acoustic and digital instruments with voice and ambient recordings to create peace, tranquility, and harmony.  Alpha, beta, delta, and theta binaural beats music is known to enhance creativity and the state of conscious relaxation and calmness; increase concentration and release anxiety; is linked to healing, recovery and pain relief; enhances right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, and facilitates deep relaxation and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep.

21 Signs You’re A Psychic Medium

November 17, 2020

Do you wonder if you have extrasensory gifts? Have you had some unexplainable experiences but you are unsure what they meant? In fact, you may not even be sure if they were even psychic in nature at all. Did these experiences make you feel different than everyone else or that you were misunderstood or didn’t fit in? If you thought you were nuts … take peace in knowing, you weren’t.

Early on I threw my hands up a time or two because I didn’t know what was happening to me meant. At times, I was sure I was just imagining things. Sound familiar?

Do you have vivid dreams, daydreams, or visions that come to pass? Perhaps you see shadows occasionally? If you do, it’s okay to embrace that!

So, let’s clear the air and put everyone’s mind at ease. Here’s a list of common traits and experiences psychic mediums have. Which ones have you experienced? Listen in!

Secrets to Swiftly Tap Into Your Psychic Power of



April 15, 2020

What is claircognizance? Where is it located? How do I know I’m claircognizant? Michelle talks all about this amazing psychic modality and offers secrets to swiftly tap into your psychic power of claircognizance also known as your gut sense or instinct!

In this episode of The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, you’ll hear a bit about Michelle’s story and learn what it really means to be psychic. Michelle shares stories from her new book, “Take The Leap: What it Really Means to be Psychic.” An insightful episode you’ll want to join!

Running Earth & Cosmic Energy: A Guided Meditation

March 17, 2020

Running Energy is a technique to support you in your daily life to help you maintain more clarity, peace of mind and stay in tune to your Higher Self. It enhances your psychic development in that it allows you to quiet your left brain thinking mind. It supports you in feeling rested and rejuvenated. Further, if you only ever ran earth energy, you would be too grounded. So, to balance the flow of energy in your body, you want to be sure to mix earth energy with cosmic energy. As you Run Energy you are bringing in and mixing feminine earth energy and masculine cosmic energy in your Root Chakra, then dispersing it through your body and aura. Through this technique, you will learn to become more aware of these subtle yet powerful earth and cosmic energies and how to use them in your life and working with others.


It’s Time to Surrender: A Powerfully Moving Guided Meditation

March 2, 2020

Join Michelle in this deep guided meditation as she supports you in healing, releasing and surrendering. In this transformative meditation, you’ll find peace where there has been chaos, trust where there has been fear and hope where there has been despair. A soul-nourishing meditation to call your life force back to you.

The Meaning of Repeating Numbers You’re Seeing

February 11, 2020

Are you seeing repeating numbers on license plates, the clock, your cell phone screen and elsewhere? These numbers are bringing important messages to you!

I’m often asked the meaning of the recurring numbers 111 or 888, 555 and so on. Numbers are the makeup of the universe and so it turns out that numbers are the easiest way for higher realms to get our attention. Join me today and you’ll learn why repeating numbers come to you, what to do when they do and exactly what they mean!




How to Remote View in 12 Steps

September 5, 2019

Listen in today as Michelle teaches you the psychic ability of Remote Viewing! This advanced psychic skill enables you to mentally see people, places, objects or events hundreds or even thousands of miles away. This is powerful psychic ability anyone can learn. Learn how you can tune in to an object, location, or event inaccessible by normal means—regardless of time, distance, or location.

Low Vibration Energy Eviction & Removal

August 19, 2019

What are darker forces and lower astral beings? How do we evict an entity? As there is light, there is dark.

Listen in and learn how to remove these energies and to maintain pure positive essence in your space at all times! Michelle talks about low entity removal, teaching you that toxic, low vibration entities have no place in your life. You and you alone control what comes into your world, literally and energetically. This simple awareness will allow you to attract good experiences, people and energies going forward. Learn how with Michelle!

Michelle’s Story and What It Really Means to Be Psychic

July 30, 2019

Psychic Medium, Author and Intuitive Life Coach, Michelle Beltran invites you to join her for The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice. This podcast will teach you how to magnify the powers of your intuitive voice. In her own unique style, Michelle raises her vibrational energy to link with higher realms delivering insightful messages with grace, integrity, and the utmost care. Listen in and expand your understanding of what it means to be psychic and how to awaken, amplify, and trust your inner voice.

In this episode of The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice, you’ll hear a bit about Michelle’s story and learn what it really means to be psychic. Michelle shares stories from her new book, “Take The Leap: What it Really Means to be Psychic.” An insightful episode you’ll want to join!

Mediumship Instruction – Timing of Medium Session, Stages of Grief, Why Spirit Passes Sooner than Expected & Sensing Departed Loves Ones

July 17, 2019

Join Michelle today as she offers formal instruction regarding a Mediumship reading! She will discuss:

1. How to Know if a Client is Ready for a Medium Reading

2. The 7 Stages of Grief

3. Being in the Center of Your Head

4. Navigating Immense Emotion in a Session

5. Timing of the Medium Reading: Now or Wait?

6. Why Spirit Passes Sooner than Expected

7. Sensing the Presence of Departed Loved Ones

This is an episode you want to be a part of! Join Michelle for a rare episode wherein she offers professional instruction direct from her formal courses!

A Powerful Personal Story & Trusting Your Gut Sense

May 20, 2019

Listen in today as Michelle talks about precognition, premonitions and trusting your gut sense as you navigate your daily life. Michelle shares a deeply personal experience where she realized, in earnest, the power of this ability and began listening. You’ll want to be sure to experience the guided meditation in today’s episode which will assist you in opening to this gut sense we are all bestowed – if you will listen.


The Precognitive Dream Telling the Future: How Do I Know I’m Having One?

April 25, 2019

You had a dream and days later, to your absolute surprise, it actually happened! This is called a precognitive dream and it happens to many. Listen in to learn how to identify when you’re having a precognitive dream and how to develop your precognition ability! 

Mediumship 101 & the Visitation from SpiritQ&A Day! The Difference Between the Sensitive, Empath & Clairsentient

April 1, 2019

This Q&A episode was inspired by an avid listener of the Intuitive Hour who wanted to understand the difference between the Empath and Clairsentient! Could your Empathic ability really be Clairsentience? Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)? Do you think you might be all three? It’s entirely possible! Listen in to this wonderful episode and learn the characteristics of each of these emotional abilities and how to discern one from the other!


Mediumship 101 & the Visitation from Spirit

March 18, 2019

Michelle talks all about Mediumship today! She’s answering questions like why Spirit comes to us, what is an Evidential Medium and the difference between a psychic reading and a medium reading. Is there time and language on the Other Side? How can we connect with Spirit on our own? What to expect in a medium reading? Michelle will answer these questions and more! Listen in and learn more about this very popular topic!


The Best of The Intuitive Hour: The psychic ability of being an empath – 12 traits

March 11, 2019

Being an empath is all about ‘feeling’ the emotions of others. Do you feel that you just know things without being told? Or, do you feel overwhelmed in a busy and loud place? Do you feel the emotions of those near you? An empath will know or feel thoughts about themselves or another from near or even afar.

Listen in to learn the 12 empath traits and how to best navigate your daily life as an empath with some tips and tools and even foods you can eat to support you!