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Developing your intuition is a productive goal. With sharpened intuitive skills, to name just a few attributes – you will be more adaptable, think clearly, open to your creativity, be more perceptive in life situations regarding yourself and others, and your overall health can improve greatly. By adopting the following habits into your daily routine, you can hone your intuition and promote your own psychic development.


One of the most common ways to develop your intuition is by meditating. Attempting to clear your mind and allow free thought will help you open yourself to intuitive thoughts and ideas. Intuition often occurs in quiet moments that are free from distractions, making a meditative start ideal for these messages.


Documenting your thoughts is a great way to promote intuitive development. With a stream of consciousness style that allows for free thought, you can convey your emotions in written words, and even if you don’t fully understand what you write at the time, these exercises in journaling could come back to reflect future changes or developments in your life. Journaling every day is a beneficial habit for your mental health, as well; allowing yourself to process and reflect on your thoughts will help you understand yourself and gain a broader perspective of your life and experiences.

Dream Analysis

The unconscious mind can present revealing messages to help guide your waking decisions. Dreams are often the brain’s vehicle for processing information and dealing with stress. Because of this, you should pay attention to recurring dreams, themes, or symbols that appear in your dreams. I also advise keeping a dream journal to document the contents or tone of your dreams; this way, if you can’t remember the important details later on, you have a concrete reference to better analyze your dreams.

The task of analyzing your dreams requires some intuition, as well. Though there are some symbols with universal meanings that can appear, much of the time, your dreams will be highly individual as they rely on your mind. Practice documenting, studying, and analyzing your dreams to uncover hidden meanings and further hone your intuitive abilities.

Card Readings

Using tarot or oracle cards can help you develop your intuition; by focusing your mind on a question or problem as you shuffle the deck and attempting to interpret the cards, you can draw upon your intuition and encourage its development. Practicing this every day with a simple reading will help condition your mind to focus while also being open to new ideas.


Pay attention to sudden shifts in attitude or mood as well as physical reactions. Give your body and mind attention to discover what is at the root of these changes. When you feel a sudden change in your emotions, try to uncover what caused the change. Likewise, if you experience pain or a physical sense of unease, it is advised that you treat the symptoms while also searching for a metaphysical cause.