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When considering a visit to the doctor, intuitive medicine can seem a touch exotic. Although it is different from most people’s traditional doctor’s office visit, more and more are giving it a chance. They’re willing to explore intuitive medicine’s new and intriguing ideas around listening to the whole person as a partner and helper with the standard practices of modern medicine.

In the scientific world of modern medicine, a medical professional cannot always concentrate on a patient’s innermost feelings. Doctors sometimes rely on clinical tests without paying attention to their patient’s thoughts and feelings about their illness.

Every illness and every symptom cannot always be precisely recognized and prevented by testing and textbooks. That gray area is where people sometimes experience frustration with traditional medicine. Stubborn, life-altering symptoms can linger for a long time without any permanent solution.

When patients begin to explore intuitive medicine, they often find help that recognizes the impact of their thoughts and emotions surrounding the illness and what their body is saying. Even their dreams are important to those who call themselves intuitive healers.

What is intuitive healing? Medical intuitives describe it as a way to use their intuition to sense and identify another person’s inner feelings and life state. They begin by paying attention to the entire human and listening to how the individual talks about how they feel. Then an intuitive healer will combine their intuition and experience with the patient’s awareness. By becoming aware of the whole person, spirit, and body, the intuitive healer will help create a new path and a healthy way forward.

Intuitive healers also ask their patients to listen carefully to their own inner sense of who they are and how they feel. A visit to a healer who practices intuitive medicine can be as much about the patient’s thoughts and ideas as it is about the healer’s.

Medical intuitives are opening up the door to a new way of returning to the best of the ancient practices of listening and sensing. Their goal is to help patients combine the benefit of intuition with standard medical treatment to help resolve current health issues and help build a healthier future.